Posted on: May 5th 2023


Ana Paula Maritano


Once the recognitions and tributes for the International Women's Day were over, the day's agenda proceeded; several legislators requested to postpone the session, due to the absence of Chancellor Álvaro Leyva Durán, who excused himself, since he had been summoned by the Presidency.


Thus, Senator Jahel Quiroga Carrillo, Historic Pact for Colombia coalition, expressed, "there are extremely important issues that we need to discuss with the Chancellor, such as the strategy of the Chancellery to solve the migration problem we have in Colombia".


However, the senator, together with the president of the commission, Gloria Flórez Schneider, Historic Pact for Colombia coalition, requested that the presence of the Vice Chancellor and the Director of Migration Colombia not be wasted, and asked to give them the opportunity to speak in front of the Commissions, and to summon Chancellor Leyva for next week.


After a vote by the legislative cell, space was given to the Director of Migration Colombia, Carlos Fernando García Manosalva, who in his speech emphasized that the entity seeks above all to guarantee the "rights of the migrant population, whether passing through or with a vocation of permanence".


García Manosalva added that Colombia has made progress, especially in regularizing the population and guaranteeing their access to basic services.


Having said this, he also spoke of the challenges that exist at the time of integrating the Venezuelan population in Colombia (around 2,500,000 migrants of this nationality have arrived), such as the delivery of relevant identity documents, or the processes of integration and development of the population, which has led to the creation of dialogue tables, allowing Migration Colombia to provide information that serves as a guide to the entities responsible for carrying out social investment.


Likewise, he also spoke of the need to hold a Latin American and Caribbean Regional Summit to address the issue of migration from a regional perspective, in order to generate progress in terms of a common migration policy and co-responsibility for the migration phenomenon, so that other nations support those who decided to integrate migrants, as Colombia has been doing since the last government.


In view of the statements made by the Director of Migration Colombia, Senator Flórez Schneider expressed her concern for the situation of migrants in the continent, and stressed "this meeting should be an opportunity to establish a dialogue between the Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Migration Colombia, so that we resume joint efforts to solve the migration crisis that our country is going through".

Decision T-018-23

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